Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cake and Brownie Balls!

Ok so its been like 7 months since the last time I posted but that's ok. I finally finished grad school, yay!!!! Can't believe it. Now I am doing things that I haven't been able to do since all my time was taken up by school. Besides watching loads of TV :) I have been doing a lot of fun cooking projects. The most recent being homemade pasta, ice cream and now brownie and cake balls. Between birthday gifts and graduation gifts I now have an ice cream maker attachment and pasta roller attachments for my Kitchen Aid mixer. They have been really easy to use and I'm having a ton of fun. We are now on our second batch of "ice cream" that was made last night. We did a gelato first but the hubby added double the amount of coffee making it a bit too coffee flavored. Last night we made frozen chocolate yogurt using Greek yogurt. That is all ready now and in my freezer!

I also am going to bring a dessert next weekend to my cousin's 30th birthday party so I am testing two different recipes for that; cake balls and brownie balls. The brownie balls were so easy to make and are ridiculously delicious. While I wouldn't say these are the healthiest of treats they are still manageable. The frozen yogurt is 180 calories with 3 grams of fat for a 1/2 cup serving (pretty good); the brownie balls are 115 calories, albeit a bit higher fat concentration at around 7 grams per ball; and the cake balls are about 170 calories and 7 grams of fat per ball. While it might not seem very satisfying to have just one of the brownie or cake balls I can attest the the brownie balls are pretty rich and satisfying. So even with if two brownie balls are eaten it's not the worst dessert.

I'm a bit back logged on the knitting projects right now. Still working on or at least still have to finish my hubby's scarf. But that's been on hold while I work on a baby blanket for my friend's newborn. However, I'm not very far on that either. Might just work on some bibs and burp cloths now and then go back to the blanket.

Have to go roll out the cake balls now, freeze them and then dip in white chocolate. Yummy!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Ahh its springtime in Chicago and its finally nice out! The windows are open and there is actually sun. Such a great feeling. I am off of work starting today through next week Wednesday, ahh vacation!!!!! But I need to get a good chunk of my results chapter done for my thesis so at least I'll have more time to devote to that. I am also hoping to get some spring cleaning done too!

As for my dreams of the summer, I have also started my summer garden indoors of course. So far so good my seeds are sprouting. I am trying to not buy any plants this summer and only use the ones I am starting from seed. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can do it. It seems silly to me that you spend so much money on plants when you can plant a few seeds and have 10 plants for the price of 1. Of course I do not grow difficult plants so I can see the value in getting plants not easily grown at home. But I think planting your own seeds is fun and gets you excited about your garden. Not to mention how great it feels to watch them grow knowing that you did that! So I'll see what happens. I am starting marigolds, nasturtium, gerbera daisies, cosmos, geraniums, petunias, and tomatoes. I also have lettuce, strawberries and herbs to grow but I am waiting until I can just plant outside. I also have some cascading vinca coming in the mail now so I may just plant that outside too since its getting a little late to be starting seeds. I have used the peat pods in he past to start my seeds but this is the second year in the row I am just using some seed mix and planting in the seed kit. It seemed to work fine last year. I know that with the peat pods you can plant the pod and all but even with making a little hole in the bottom of the lining and planting the plant with the pod I am not sure the plant grows as well as not planting in the pod. It may just be my error in not cutting a hole bigger enough in the lining but I am fine with this current method.

Working on a scarf for my husband supposed to have been done by his birthday last week but I've been busy working and finishing up my thesis so maybe by Christmas he can get it :). Have been itching to get a little better at crochet so I may start learning that but don't have a lot of time to devote to it right now.

Have a pretty full travel schedule this year. Flying to NJ to defend my thesis in the coming months, going to San Diego for a wedding in the summer, and got a great deal on plane tickets to St. Martin in November. Very excited for my upcoming travels! Haven't figured out where we are staying in St. Martin yet or how many days. We are planning on splitting our week between St. Martin and Anguilla. But I have some books to read that might help us decide.

Thinking I may buy myself a new camera as a graduation gift and have been interested in the newer micro four thirds cameras. Could be a fun gift especially to take on my future travels!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cherry Tree is Blooming

Well I guess its been a while since I posted anything but that's because I am starting to get a little break from the dreaded thesis process. I really thought I picked an "easy" research topic but that's not what its turning out to be. I have to defend my thesis proposal on Tuesday that should be loads of fun. At least the presentation is short. Its finally warm around here and my newly planted trees are blooming. Way too long of a winter and its great to have some greenery. Still working on that darn sweater from last August. At least I am down to my last sleeve to knit and then sewing it all up. Not that I'm going to need a sweater anytime soon. But I just need to finish it so I can start something else. Haven't decided what I'll make next but I have lots of yarn to choose from.

I've recently become completely addicted to my cell phone. I have never been a "techy" kind of person and always opted for the free or cheap phone but my husband convinced me to get an iPhone and I got to say I'm really hooked on it. I don't know why I waited so long to get an awesome cell phone! I've even downloaded some great knitting aps.

My husband and I are finally going to take our make-up anniversary trip and are heading to Jamaica in 4.5 weeks! Should be fun and hot! I am not really a fan of the heat but it will be nice to get a way for a while. Good thing we purchased travel insurance this time. Hopefully we won't have to use it. This will be our 3rd trip to Jamaica. Not that we love it just seems to be a cheap place to go. Don't think we'll make the mistake of saying were there to party this time. We are slightly naive and my husband jokingly told the guy at the resort that we were there to party and well we got a phone call to our room to see if we wanted to purchase drugs. Live and learn!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think winter is upon us!

It is almost 2009 and I cannot believe that the year is almost over. Although it has shaped up to be better! I am hoping 2009 stays that way too. I should so be getting ready for work or wait be at work, but I am delaying it a little because it just seems like today should be a snow day. I don't know why adults can't have official snow days from work but it's likely to have something to do with the fact that its WORK :). I finished another class on my journey through grad school. Thanks goodness! Now I just need to figure out what I am going to do for my thesis...hmmm that's tricky. I would like to get it done in '09 so I need to find something that would interest me but also not take too much time to do. I am sure I will figure it out but I am taking a few weeks off for the holidays and will think about in January.

Zelda is hanging out on the desk with me as I type. I think she secretly wishes she could write something about the conspiracy between wet cat food and dry cat food and why can't she just eat a whole can of wet food at once! As for knitting, I have just not had a lot of time to do it. I think this year I finished a hat for the husband and a baby sweater for my friend and that's it. I did get the back done on a sweater for me. So, maybe with my time off from school I can finish that! I have so much yarn for so many projects that I do need to start something new.

As for the shoulder it is much better. Still not 100% of what it was but better and manageable. Well as much as I would like to stay home and do nothing all day I should start to get ready for work :(.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Okay so like all resolutions, I have not been keeping up the blog. But, hey at least I am still knitting. I am just finishing up the Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise Baby Jacket for my friend who had a baby in May. I do hope that it fits when I am done, but I think it will. Not that a jacket is of any use in Chicago in the summer but its the thought that counts right? Anyway, the start of Ravelympics is upon us, yay! I am doing the To Dye for Sweater in Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch. I am excited to get it done. Three of my friends and myself are supposed to have done the sweater a while ago (2 are done with it). So, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to do this sweater. I hope I can get it completed by the end of the offical Olympics but we shall see. My knitting has been a bit slow lately due to many things including my shoulder. But, I am hopeful. Well that is about all. I'll check back in with updates!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings

I have obviously not been keeping up with my blog, oops :). I have been very busy though. I am midway through my semester, yay! After this class, I only have 4 left! Cannot wait to be done. It will be nice to have some part of my life back. My shoulder has been doing better. I have been exercising it and that seems to be helping. Still have not finished that darn hat! Oh well, I have until March 25th to finish for it so I can give it away as a birthday present. Today I have a big cooking day ahead of me. I thought I would cook most of my dinners for the week today. I just have so much to do when I get home from work that having dinner already done would be a great help. My husband and I are still trying to figure out if we are going to reschedule our trip to Antigua or just eat the money. We shall see. We wouldn't go until Jan 08. The problem we have is that he may start grad school as well and classes start when we would like to go. So, I do not know. I am so looking forward to spring!!!!! It has been a very long winter here and a little warmth and sunshine is in order. Well that is all for now. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its almost February

I cannot believe that January is almost over and February is here. That is good for us in the north where the short days and cold nights make for good knitting but some mild depression. It was so nice today (40 degrees and sunny) that my hubby and I took Kandi (our dog) for a walk. We went to the lake and walked around in lots of snow. Kandi had so much fun. I wish I could let her off leash but she is so bad about coming back when called so we have to keep her on leash. On the knitting front, I did do one round the other day. My shoulder is starting to feel better although I feel like I will jinx that at any minute. So, we'll see. I did start another semester of grad school this week it should be an interesting course. I have four more days of work and then I have a three day weekend, yay! I have currently worked 8 days in a row and am feeling a little tired. Oh, we discovered a new pizza place today! It was super good. Since moving to our condo we have not found a place we really like. No, not all pizza in Chicago is good pizza. But, today we found a place and loved it! So, that is my excited new of the day. Kind of boring but its my life :). Well, that's it for this week. Hope this week is a good one!